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Entry Gates

Entry Gates
Custom RFID Gates, Bi-Parting Gates, Security Gates, Slide Gates, Bias Gates.
All ML Entry Gates can be Electric, Solar and Wireless.
Cellular: a sustainable* wireless solution for connecting managers and users to access control systems 

• Easy setup – activate 4G LTE † cellular service.
• Easy to install – no trenching, no wiring.
• Turn remote locations into serviceable sites.
• Backwards compatible with older DKS Telephone             Entry systems.
• Cell line can be split for guard tower/dual entry.

ML Entry Gate Operators
are designed and engineered to fit a variety of applications with quality machine works and rugged construction. Our electric or solar gate operators will keep your family, business or any facility safe and keep unwanted guests out. Be assured that ML Entry Gate operators will open and close day and night with a keypad entry systems, card readers, FOB readers or a RFID system featuring a battery-backup/exit loop and safety loops. All our gate operators are designed to meet or exceed UL325 safety standards and requirements.

MF RFID Gate Operators
is a chip the size of a button is affixed to your vehicle this RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip sends a signal but this technology continues to improve at a rapid pace and is not a plug and play system. You will want to consult your ML Entry Gates staff charged with deploying systems to understand a range of issues, including how to over come limitations of physics, and how to integrate with back end systems.

ML Bi-Parting Gate Operators
are used when a gate (or two gates) opens inward or outward away from a wall or fence. These gate operators can be solar compatible and battery operated, ensuring they will continue to work when the power goes off.

ML Security Gate Operators
offers the complete package with operators that lock access control and can be designed from 10tm to 80tm. They are vandal proof with security locks and tamper resistant catch assemblies. Can be solar and battery operated. Please contact us for more information.

ML Slide Gate Operators
are used when there is limited space behind a secured facility, so the gate must run parallel to a fence or wall. These gates can be solar and battery operated. Please contact us for more information.

ML Bias Gate Operators
follow the elevation of the terrain whether it is up hill or down hill and closes on the level. This is an ML Entry Gate specialty! This gate can be solar and battery operated. Please contact us for more information about your Bias Gate needs.

Residential & Commercial Telephone Entry System
is a telephone Entry System that provides voice communication for guest entry or PIN codes for access. These systems are typically used in condominium, apartment and office buildings. They're also well suited for gated communities, commercial, industrial and residential applications.
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